A Place to Stand – Amazon and Kindle; KU

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Contemporary Romance; Women’s Fiction

Rhae Peters is happily married to her best friend, Ryan, who loves her more than anything. She has the perfect life until the worst thing imaginable happens — Ryan is killed. Rhae is faced with learning to live without him and coping with the devastating revelations that follow his death and make her question what she thought they had together. With her life in turmoil, Rhae wants to start over and forget everything about Ryan.

Cade Miles is Rhae’s mysterious, handsome neighbor who recently arrived in Bell Hills to help care for his ailing grandfather. Despite her increasingly intense feelings for Cade, Rhae feels the hand of propriety holding her back from pursuing her attraction to Cade.

Both broken in their own ways, Rhae and Cade must learn to help each other overcome their pasts.


Finding Alana — Available on Amazon Kindle  and paperback

Categories: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Romance, Mature content

Five years after the brutal end to her marriage, Alana Thomas is still working to establish her new life. Having barely survived her last relationship, she’s become proficient at avoiding romantic entanglements. The truth of her former life is a secret she bears alone.

Justin Ellis is starting over after leaving his career as a police officer. He’s a genuine, good guy with a troubling past. Life starts looking up after meeting Alana, who makes him feel alive again. Being with her eases the guilt he bears.

Alana wants him and wants to trust him. Being with him makes her feel safe. Will she risk everything to tell him the truth?


Melody’s Song – Amazon and KU

Categories: Sweet Romance, Second Chance, Redemption

The biggest mistake in Melody’s life was having an affair with Ryan and becoming pregnant with his child. Now, seven months pregnant she is settling into her new normal and preparing for the arrival of her baby.

Clayton is a new arrival in Bell Hills. He’s left his own mistakes and past in search of a new start. He spends most of his time looking out for his brother and working. His life is comfortably routine until he meets Melody. Her fierce independence is intriguing and humorous for Clayton.

Spending time with Melody creates hope for a relationship that Clayton never thought he’d find.

Melody isn’t sure she wants a relationship.

The Caged Bird - eBook

The Caged BirdAmazon and Kindle; KU

Categories: Romance; Dark Romance; New Adult; Short stories; Fiction

Coen took a roustabout job with the carnival, expecting to work hard, make a little money, and maintain his anonymity.

He got so much more when he found the love of his life, the beautiful and mysterious Lyra.

She’s the caged bird, and now he knows why she sings.

Wisdom of Webeaux - eBook

Wisdom  of Webeaux — Available as a paperback on my Square store. eBooks are available on Amazon Kindle.

Categories: Children’s Book; Humor; Juvenile Non-fiction; Family; Siblings
Ages: 5+

Webeaux has always seen the world a little differently. From silly to creative, he’s helped us laugh and given us a new way to think about all kinds of things. Dive into the Wisdom of Webeaux to get in touch with your silly side, or to see the world from a different perspective.