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Wisdom of Webeaux - eBook

Wisdom  of Webeaux — Available as a paperback on my Square store. eBooks are available on Amazon Kindle.

Categories: Children’s Book; Humor; Juvenile Non-fiction; Family; Siblings
Ages: 5+

Webeaux has always seen the world a little differently. From silly to creative, he’s helped us laugh and given us a new way to think about all kinds of things. Dive into the Wisdom of Webeaux to get in touch with your silly side, or to see the world from a different perspective.



A Place to Stand — Available on Amazon Kindle and paperback

Categories: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Romance, Mature content

Rhae Peters is happily married to her best friend, Ryan, who loves her more than anything in this world. Her life comes crashing down when the worst thing imaginable happens — Ryan is killed in an accident. Rhae is faced with figuring out how to continue living without him. He is all she has ever known. Adding insult to injury, she learns that Ryan was keeping secrets. The revelation causes her to question everything about their marriage.

With her life in turmoil, Rhae wants to start over and forget everything about Ryan, and the life she thought they had. She builds a coping mechanism out of her friends and family, including her neighbor Cade. Chivalrous and overwhelmingly handsome, Rhae feels the hand of propriety holding her back from pursuing more with him, despite all the clues that let her know he’s willing.

Rhae and Cade are broken in their own ways and must help each other overcome the pasts and secrets that haunt them.



Finding Alana — Available on Amazon Kindle  and paperback

Categories: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Romance, Mature content

Five years after the brutal end to her marriage, Alana Thomas is still working to establish her new life. Having barely survived her last relationship, she’s become proficient at avoiding romantic entanglements. The truth of her former life is a secret she bears alone.

Justin Ellis is starting over after leaving his career as a police officer. He’s a genuine, good guy with a troubling past. Life starts looking up after meeting Alana, who makes him feel alive again. Being with her eases the guilt he bears.

Alana wants him and wants to trust him. Being with him makes her feel safe. Will she risk everything to tell him the truth?

Carnivale Mystique Front

Carnivale Mystique — Available on Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and Paperback

Categories: Anthology, Short stories, Horror, Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense

Welcome to the Carnivale Mystique, where the bizarre, the horrifying, and the beautiful live and perform, side by side. Sink your teeth into seven stories of horror, mystery, suspense, and the paranormal:

Wishful Thinking by P. M. Hernandez—Stuck in his family’s failing trapeze act with no future in sight, Bruno Fanucci wishes for a different life. Resigned to working at the Carnivale Mystique, Bruno’s world is turned upside down by the chance to have whatever his heart desires.

Adalia by Tara Benham—The carnival provides the perfect opportunity for Adalia to share secrets long kept, but after a visit to the fortune teller and an ill-fated Tunnel of Love ride, Adalia learns more about herself than she expected.

Smoke and Mirrors by Kimberly Khadoo—After years of living in foster care followed by a stint as a clown in a traveling carnival, Samuel has come home to the people he loves. Will Devil’s Well be his last stop on the carnival circuit or his last stop…ever?

The Devil’s Well by Mindy Sue—Life on the road is hard. When a hitchhiker comes upon a sleepy town, the excitement of the Carnivale Mystique becomes a dangerous obsession. Take a dip in the Devil’s Well…hope you can hold your breath!

M’Alice Manor by S.E. Summa—Mary Alice, haunted ride owner, and wax sculptress, discovers an invaluable carnival service—body disposal. As M’Alice Manor’s new figures stun with grotesque realism, her mind is lost to the need for revenge. Her father taught her to always look death in the eye.

The Monsters We Know by Amy Fortenberry—Emmy hates carnivals, but this one has someone she seeks—her grandmother, Madame DuVernay. Emmy’s inherited her gift of foretelling death and needs answers. Instead, she discovers even darker shared abilities, and that sometimes the monsters are closer than you know.

The Caged Bird by Meg Farrell—Coen took a roustabout job with the carnival, expecting to work hard, make a little money, and maintain his anonymity. He got so much more when he found the love of his life, the beautiful and mysterious Lyra. She’s the Caged Bird, and now he knows why she sings.