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This week I’ve been at a retreat hosted by The Writing Sanctuary (C.J. Redwine). This is my second retreat with this group and I love it more every time I attend. The staff is friendly and welcoming. They create an environment that is conducive to writing, and growing without making anyone feel less or not accomplished. We are all at different stages in our author journey. This is a concept that is embraced and honored with C.J. and her staff.

As I posted once before, I’m working on the next volume of Webeaux. I want to make Webeaux a community project. If you want to be a part of this, click on the Submissions page for more information and to submit a story or quote from a child in your life.

So what did I work on this week? Well, I won’t give it all away just yet. But I can tell you I have a title, character profiles, and a developmental draft (draft zero). The beauty of this location and the environment of the retreat has allowed me to feel free to focus and create. It’s also forced me to sit down and put words on paper in any way that I can.

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