Needed a Refresher

Yesterday was not a good day. Even the most successful author will tell you they struggle with believing in themselves some days. Add to that lack of confidence the fact that I still work a full-time job, raise my kids, take care of a house and a husband.... I get down and I get tired.… Continue reading Needed a Refresher

Cover Reveal: Wisdom of Webeaux

I wrote a children's book, although more adults will enjoy the humor. I've been dying to share the cover and the day has finally arrived! I hope you will enjoy! Title: Wisdom of Webeaux Written by: Meg Farrell Illustrated by: Suzanna Smith of Funky Book Designs Release date: July 13, 2017 Webeaux has always seen… Continue reading Cover Reveal: Wisdom of Webeaux

APtS: Chapter 11 Page 1

Cade... Cade... Cade... you mysterious boy.... Enjoy page 1 of chapter 11. I'm posting a bonus scene later this evening. It is a bright morning. Ryan and I are sitting at the kitchen table. He is staring into my eyes and holding my hand. I can see his light tan, and a smattering of a… Continue reading APtS: Chapter 11 Page 1