Cover Reveal: A Place to Stand

A Place to Stand Contemporary Romance | Re-releasing July 16, 2018 Available on Kindle and Paperback Rhae Peters is happily married to her best friend, Ryan, who loves her more than anything. She has the perfect life until the worst thing imaginable happens — Ryan is killed. Rhae is faced with learning to live without… Continue reading Cover Reveal: A Place to Stand

Needed a Refresher

Yesterday was not a good day. Even the most successful author will tell you they struggle with believing in themselves some days. Add to that lack of confidence the fact that I still work a full-time job, raise my kids, take care of a house and a husband.... I get down and I get tired.… Continue reading Needed a Refresher

SMART Objectives 2017

My objectives for the remainder of 2017: Complete and publish Melody's Song. Write a minimum of four (4) times per week for a word count of at least 8,000 words (hopefully more). Go live on Facebook, IG, or Twitter once per month for a minimum of 30 minutes. Sell 20-30 hard copies of my books… Continue reading SMART Objectives 2017

APtS: Porch Perchin’ Bonus

In the south, there's little else as comforting as perchin' on the back porch to drink and shoot the shit with friends and family. What would a modern-day Steel Magnolias like book be without a porch perch? Enjoy this bonus from A Place to Stand. After work, I swing by the liquor store and buy… Continue reading APtS: Porch Perchin’ Bonus