We’re All a Little Webeaux!

Since I published “Wisdom of Webeaux”, I hear from tons of fans that their child has said or done something similar as they were growing up. I LOVE THESE STORIES! I LOVE ALL OF YOU! Thank you for messaging me and telling me in signings about the things your kids do and say. I love how, through the book world, we can support each other in this thing we call life.

Let’s also face facts: We all have a little Webeaux in us. Moments when something didn’t make sense, or we were learning new concepts. It just happens more often with the little versions of ourselves.

Now, I want to hear from you! Mamas, Aunts, Grandmothers, Uncles, Fathers, Grandfathers, and anyone who loves a child: I want your stories! Your stories/quotes/comments will be used in a new Webeaux volume.

The best news is that Suzanna Smith of Funky Book Designs will be illustrating the new volume as she did with the first Webeaux book.

The legalities. Submitting a story/quote/comment through this form is your acknowledgement and agreement that you understand:

  1. Your story/comment/quote will be used in a new children’s book published by Meg Farrell on the Farrell Writes, LLC imprint through Amazon, KU, Kindle, and Paperback.
  2. You will not be compensated for the use of the story/comment/quote or likeness of your child through illustration.
  3. Only first names of the child will be used. You also have the opportunity to indicate if you would like us to use a different name on the submission form.
  4. Submitting your child’s picture is optional and may only inform the illustration of the scene where the quote appears in the children’s book.
  5. Illustrations may not be an exact representation of your child.
  6. You hold Farrell Writes, LLC, Meg Farrell, Funky Book Designs, and Suzanna Smith harmless for the representation and use of the story/quote/comment used in the children’s book work where it appears.
  7. The compiled work is owned and copyrighted by Farrell Writes, LLC.
  8. Not all submissions will be used in the book.
  9. Only the child’s name will be used to attribute the story/quote/comment.

NOW, with all of that out of the way, click this link if you’d like to submit a story for this new book!