Are you there? It’s been a while…

I haven't posted anything in quite a while. Life has been just absolutely insane with COVID cancelling everything. You see, I have a senior this year. My first born child is graduating high school. Except, her year was ruined. She lost her last season of softball, her prom, senior night, and now her graduation is… Continue reading Are you there? It’s been a while…

PennedCon 2019

For PennedCon in St. Louis this year, I’m not doing a pre-order. Instead, I’m doing a gift with purchase. These teal lovies are for beverages that are hot, cold, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic. No one needs to know what’s in your cup! Only at PennedCon -- Buy 2 books at regular price and get a sweet… Continue reading PennedCon 2019

Today is the Day!

Today!!! Melody’s Song is live for Kindle, KU, and paperback!