Are you there? It’s been a while…

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. Life has been just absolutely insane with COVID cancelling everything. You see, I have a senior this year. My first born child is graduating high school. Except, her year was ruined. She lost her last season of softball, her prom, senior night, and now her graduation is really uncertain.

Her friend’s mom and I are planning a small group prom to help some. We have been focused on prepping for college/dorm life to find something positive down the road to focus on. Besides all the things with supporting my daughter through these tough times, all of my 2020 events have been cancelled or rescheduled.

Not going to lie to you, I’m worried about the progress of my small business without those sales and seeing those smiling faces at events. So much so, depression and anxiety have robbed me of my ability to write for right now. I’m digging deep because part of me believes that I will rebound if I can just get started. Queue this blog entry. Maybe if I use the resources I have available to me, I can flush the bad vibes and let in some good ones.

Lord, I see so many people hurting across the country and in this world because of so many bad things unfolding. Just when I think, “what next”, the next murder hornets get announced.

Y’all – we aren’t in this together as all of our circumstances are different – we are in this as humans, though. We need to love on one another. Accept that someone else’s experience is different than yours. Pump love and light into this world. I’m going to pray for you even if you don’t pray and don’t believe as I do. That’s my calling as I watch so many people posting their hurt. I take nothing away from them. I want to say I SEE YOU, and I LOVE YOU.

Keep digging for the good. Keep standing up for what’s right. Share more love.

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