Needed a Refresher

Yesterday was not a good day. Even the most successful author will tell you they struggle with believing in themselves some days. Add to that lack of confidence the fact that I still work a full-time job, raise my kids, take care of a house and a husband…. I get down and I get tired.

I’m working on mental preparedness to combat the down days. I was considering what I could do to help lift myself back up and forge ahead. First thing I did yesterday was to start uploading the new interior files and new cover for A Place to Stand! It makes me happy to give that story the respect and treatment it deserves.

I started reading reviews of A Place to Stand to make teaser images for the new re-released version. I was almost in tears. This was my first book. It was what launched me into indie publishing. It was AWFULLY edited. I should have been embarrassed but I wasn’t. I didn’t know. I just knew the story was strong and it would resonate with people. Despite the awfulness, I have so many 4-5 star reviews on it. So I started reading those reviews.

Here’s one:

This book was more than I expected. I loved it all the way through. Rhae’s heartache hits close to home. All the pain she feels drips from each page. I cried my way through the first third of this book, and couldn’t put down the other two thirds. The author puts you right into Rhae’s every thought. As with most books (and characters) I immediately immersed myself into this character. I related to her story on several levels. The grief she feels is the hardest part and just when you think her story can’t get any sadder, you get smacked in the face with a stunner.

The family story is so heartwarming, and being from Mississippi myself, you can smell the magnolias and sweet tea emanating from this beautiful southern story. Rhae’s story is a powerful one about moving on in the face of despair. An inspiring story about a strong willed southern woman who finds herself by chance when she is forced to. There were several times throughout the story I found myself wishing she would do the opposite of her own actions, but the author knew best when taking Rhae on her journey. I love the quirky little quips and smart aleck-ness between Cade and Rhae. The close bond between Rhae and her family. And the ultimate decision that Rhae makes in the end that proves, above all else, she knows how to wear her big girl panties.

That was exactly what I needed to feel refreshed and renewed as an indie author.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll grab a copy of A Place to Stand when I re-release it on July 17. (Cover reveal is July 10!)

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