Cover Reveal!

COMING AUGUST 2017 from Author P.M. Hernandez
Shadow and Spark: Whitewood Journals Volume Two

Ellie Whitewood once dreamed of becoming a doctor, but she found her true calling at Whitewood Manor. Being a Caretaker is a full-time, dangerous job, but through it, she discovers two things lacking in her life: friendship and love.

Still reeling from the prophecy about her, Ellie tries to cope with her kidnapping and the cancellation of her bonding ceremony. Even worse, she’s plagued by nightmares in which she resembles her demonic abductor.

While Ellie tries to find her way, her gargoyles discover Cain’s plot to gather an army and eliminate the Caretakers and their Sentinels. With no word from the yet unseen Council, Ellie must enlist the help of her sister Caretakers…but will they come to her aid?

To defeat Cain, Ellie must embrace the terrifying changes she is undergoing, but what if those changes mean she will become the very thing her Sentinels hunt?

(Cover by Donna Dull of Sharp Covers)

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