Softball parents must be crazy. We love to sit in full sun for 15 hours watching our girls. We rejoice, we cry, we scream, we worry, and get defensive. 
We suffer through the semi-indignant way our clothes stick to us like a wet bathing suit because of sweat when we have to go to the bathroom and laugh when it’s out of paper. (what else can you do…) 
We overpack coolers, cars, and shoulder bags to be sure our kids (and their team) have adequate nutrition and hydration throughout the day. Let’s not mention all the Advil, Alleve, Tylenol, sunblock, bug spray, and first aid we pack. 

Still, there’s nothing else that can make you feel as helpless as when your child struggles through the rough moments, and nothing makes your heart sing like watching them find a way to overcome. 

Yeah… we’re crazy. Crazy in love with our girls!! 

I would fight through a thousand bad days just to see my Jazz smile and laugh as she pitches her tail off! I’m thankful for every game she gets to play! 

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