Finding Alana: Chapter 14 Page 1

Alana has been through so much. This chapter starts the resolution!

*Copyright: This material is protected by copyright owned by Meg Farrell, Farrell Writes LLC. 2016

14 Beginnings

I’ve had several meetings with DHS regarding Ethan. The lady assigned to work with me, Dinah, is very kind. She seems to be sympathetic to my situation. Although, she never gives anything away about what her decision will be. She’s very clear that until I can resolve the case that’s pending, there will be no decision about what can happen about Ethan. It’s been very painful for me, but she’s made me identify some family members who can either vouch for my character or would be willing to take Ethan.

I named my mother and my aunt Sissy. Sissy used to spend a ton of time with me because she thought my mother was insane. In some ways, I think my mother always blamed Sissy for my wild streak. Sissy is a buxom red-haired, six-foot-tall ball of fire. She disagreed with the strict upbringing my parents gave me. She thought they should have allowed me to explore and experiment. In my own parenting, I think I used a happy mix of both styles. Ethan was only three the last time I saw him. Not much exploring and experimenting a child that age can do.

Depending on what Dinah wants to know about me, she’ll get what she wants from one or the other. Although, their representations of my character could conflict. I pray not.

Dinah has agreed to let me see Ethan under supervision. Today is the day! I’m up and dressed much earlier than I need to be. My legs won’t stop bouncing as I sit on the edge of the couch and watch the clock.

Justin staggers into the living room, hungover from sleep. “Anxious?”

“I’m so much more than anxious. Seeing him is everything. I don’t know if he’ll remember me. If he does remember me, does he still want me to be his mother? Has he given up on me? What do I do if he doesn’t want me anymore?”

He takes a seat beside me and places his hand on my bouncing leg. “Stop. You’re making yourself crazy for nothing. He’s going to love you. You’re his mother. That’s a bond no one can break. No matter what. Hang on to that.”

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