Because Monday’s Suck

Here’s a bright spot for you… another bonus scene from Finding Alana. *swoon*

*Copyright: This material is protected by copyright owned by Meg Farrell, Farrell Writes LLC. 2016

As I approach the deli, I can see Lucy and Jules sitting at a table near the front window. They catch sight of me and start waving me over to sit with them. I’m so relieved not to be alone that I don’t even hesitate. I hug them both and take a seat at the table.

“Girl! We would have invited you to come with us, but we didn’t think you were going out for lunch today,” Lucy rambles an explanation.

I smile. “I know you would have. I didn’t think I was either. I’ve had two interviews this morning, and two more after lunch. How’s Monday going for you guys?”

We talk a little while and order food. I opt for soup and a salad. My mind drifts a little as the others talk about their day. I’m looking around distracted and see a newly familiar face walk in the door. Justin, the printer guy, comes into the deli. He seems to be scanning the room as if trying to find the people he’s meeting. As he moves closer, I stare down at my food, hoping he doesn’t notice me. I take a deep breath and decide to reach for my phone to use as a busy disguise. When I take it out of my coat pocket, I drop it on the floor. Heat creeps into my face, and I know I’m blushing. I close my eyes to try and calm myself down.

“Oops, here you go.”

I know who it is without looking and know he’s holding the phone out to me. I glance up and look right into his eyes. Those dark comforting brown eyes. His all-American, megawatt smile seems out of place with his tattoos and beanie hat. I immediately notice the script on his forearm. It’s wide, bold, Old English font. I don’t know what it means. Looks like Latin, if I had to guess. I must look confused because he feels the need to explain.

“You, uh, dropped this. Not your day for technology,” he muses.

“Yeah. Not my day. Sorry.” I shake myself and take the phone. “Thank you. Rescuing me again.”

“I don’t know about a rescue; I just seem to be where you need me today. Alana, right?”

I nod. “Justin, right?”

“Yeah. Glad you remembered. Has your day gotten any better?”

I smile. “It has. Lunch with my girls makes everything better.”

Realization crosses his face, and he reaches up to pull his knit hat off his head. That dark brown hair stands on end. It’s the best hat hair I’ve ever seen. My breath hitches. Justin sets about introducing himself to Lucy and Jules. They are left speechless, which is saying something for this group.

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