Finding Alana: Chapter 4 Page 1

Here we are with the first page of Chapter 4 of Finding Alana.

*Copyright: This material is protected by copyright owned by Meg Farrell, Farrell Writes LLC. 2016

4 Trust

I wake from my usual nightmare, sweating in a freezing house, disoriented. The only thing that anchors me is the smell of fresh coffee wafting through the house. Instead of starting with my morning shower, I decide to talk to Kate. When I enter the kitchen, she turns and places a cup of coffee on the breakfast bar. I smile. She doesn’t. She’s busy making pancakes and eggs. Bacon is already done and sitting on some plates for us.

“Yum. Breakfast. Thanks, babe,” I say to test the waters.

She lets out a small laugh. “Oh, you know this doesn’t come cheap. We are going to talk about last night.”

Her answer tells me all I need to know about the way this conversation is going to go. I consider the whole story of my past. Guilt courses through me as it occurs to me that I shouldn’t have gone to the bar last night. I should have just gone to see Irma. Justin wouldn’t have been in my bed, and I wouldn’t be shattered because he left. I wouldn’t be frustrated by my reaction to him touching my scar. The first guy I’ve gotten near, and I ruined it.

I’m startled out of my thoughts when Kate puts a plate in front of me. I look up into her eyes. Her face softens as she reaches out to wipe tears from my cheeks. “Hey, are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

I smile. “No. He’s so perfect, it’s ridiculous. I’m okay, I think. Did you sleep with Cam?”

The look on her face is an answer without actually answering.

“Jesus, woman! You aren’t wasting time are you? How was it?” I wink.

Her Cheshire grin expands. “I mean, I’m no connoisseur of penises, but I’ve seen a few in my time.”

“Define ‘a few.’”

She chuckles. “Um, three-to-fifteen.”

I gape. “And?”

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