APts: Chapter 14 Page 1

I am back from my lengthy holiday vacation! Glad you’re still with me. Let’s wrap up A Place To Stand and move towards Finding Alana. Remember: I’m posting the first page of each chapter and several bonus scenes. A Place to Stand is only $0.99 on Kindle and free for KU readers. Get more information here. If you would like a signed paperback click here to complete a contact form.

Now …. Chapter 14 Page 1: Firsts.

We walk back to the hotel holding hands. I can help but lay my head on his shoulder, every now and then. Being apart from Cade was an agony I couldn’t bear. Being back beside him and being more than we were before, feels like the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. As we enter the hotel room, I’m all hands. Grabbing for him. He gets the door closed and I pull him to me and wrap my arms around him tight enough to let him know how much he means to me.

“Ugh, Rhae, can’t breathe,” he wheezes out.

“Sorry. I just needed you to know how much you mean to me,” I look up to his eyes and they are alive in a way I haven’t noticed before. Like the sun itself shines through him.

“Call your Dad and Jess,” he says with a smile.

“What? Uh, I had other…”, I stammer.

“I know. I have more plans for you too, but I told them I would have you call once I found you and we had our talk. I promised actually.”

I groan, “Really? Ok.” I walk over to my purse sitting on the desk and fish out my cell. I call Jess first. All she wants to know is whether or not I accepted his story and if I’m happy to see him. I assure her that I am super happy to see him and that everything is fine. I also agree to call her back when I have a moment to go into details without an audience (Cade) around.

The call to my dad is even shorter. I tell him that Cade showed up and that we’re fine. He answers me simply, “That’s good. Be happy baby.”

After I hang up with my family, I turn to see Cade has fallen asleep on my bed. He must not have been resting well. Our time apart wasn’t just hard on me. It had taken a toll on him as well. Drawing the curtains to darken the room, I decide to let him rest. We have all the time we need now. There’s no hurry. We’re finally together and everything is on the table. A feeling of satisfaction and a sense of home washes over me.

Gently sitting on the edge of the bed, I bend down and untie my shoes. I slide them off and place them under the accent chair. I slide my jeans off, then pull my secret bra maneuver and pull it through the sleeve of my t-shirt. Crawling onto the bed, I snuggle into the nook of his arm and rest my head on his chest. His arm automatically tightens around me and he kisses the top of my head.

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