APtS: Bonus Scene!

Here’s a scene I love simply because of the swoon I feel when I read it. Is it weird for an author to feel that way about her work?? Right or wrong, I do! Enjoy!

That evening we drive over to the hotel to retrieve my belongings and pay the bill. The desk clerk looks disappointed when Cade informs her that I am checking out. The death stare I level at her keeps her from interacting with him any more than absolutely necessary.

For a moment, I consider that I don’t want this to be our life. Girls constantly noticing him and throwing flirtatious smiles and gestures his way. I’m going to end up being that jealous woman and kicking somebody’s ass. It occurs to me that Cade doesn’t return any of their smiles or gestures. He doesn’t notice them. I also notice that he can’t go a few minutes without touching me in some way. Brushing his hand across my hand, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear, an arm around my waist as we walk into a building or out to the car, or holding my hand everywhere we go. It’s like he’s afraid that I’ll run.

We step out onto Dauphine as we leave the hotel. I pull his arm back as he’s holding my hand again. He comes to a stop and turns to face me, “You ok?”

“I’m not going anywhere,” I reassure him. “I know.”

“You can let go of me and I’ll still be right here. There’s no need to keep a hand on me at all times. In fact, you might drive me crazy after a few days of that,” I joke.

He smiles, “I just can’t help but think this is a dream. That if I let you go, I’ll wake up and this won’t be happening at all. I’ll try to give you some space.”

“You think I’m a dream?”

“Well, one of those weird dreams that’s great at first and turns all crazy after a while,” he has jokes now.

“Oh, I see. So I need to kick your ass, then?”

He lets out a hearty laugh. I don’t. I meant it. On the drive home, we discuss what to do with my house. Oh, my! Home. With Cade. Not an idea I’ve settled into yet.

“Well, I was going to sell it. But I had an idea. You might think it’s crazy.”

“Alright, what were you thinking?”

I lay out my idea for him. He looks shocked but he smiles and nods, “That’s perfect. So you. I love it. …”

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