APtS: Chapter 3 Page 1

Still on the #firstpages streak! Here’s the first page of Chapter 3 from A Place to Stand. This chapter is titled “The Last Day”. Hang in there, readers!

As I lay in the bed, I begin to think through the details of the accident.

The moment that changed everything is replaying again. I think about that entire day, actually. I close my eyes, hoping for a glimpse of Ryan.


Ryan and I are making love. It is always so good. He looks at me with such love and adoration. It’s like I’m his whole world. It makes pride burst in my chest because he is my whole world. I hope I convey my love through the look I’m giving him now. I could feel his love for me down to my toes. It always made me think of my insane co-worker, Nancy. She would see us together and say, “That man loves your dirty drawers. Know that.” I know it. I really do.

We cuddle for a long time after; maybe an hour or so. I don’t always take note of time like I should, I guess. He kisses my forehead and gets up to shower. I am not a morning person. I roll over, wrapping the best bits of me in a sheet, but leave my legs hanging out where the ceiling fan and box fan can circulate some air. The heat is so bad especially for this early in the day. I fall back asleep. After a while, I feel Ryan sit on the edge of the bed. God that man smells so good. My sleepy body somehow manages to sit itself up and nuzzle into his shoulder while he hugs me.

“Go back to sleep. I’ll see you this afternoon.”

“Ok. Be careful, please. And don’t be too late we are meeting Reese and Carrie for dinner.”

“Promise. Not too late. If I’m late you can kill Connor.”

“I won’t have to. I’ll get Jess to do it. Just one phone call.”

“Geez you and your sister are vicious. I’ll see you later.”

I flop back on the bed. Within a few minutes, I’m too hot to lay there. Sucks to have central air conditioning and two fans blowing, but still be hot enough to sweat. It’s the last Saturday in June. The really hot season here isn’t until August. Why the hell is it so hot so early in the season? I consider my options for the day. I could go grab Jess while the boys worked. We could go shopping or swimming. Ugh.

Shopping sounds hot. Maybe I could lay naked under a fan and read for a while first. Yep. That’s what I want to do. Read, then call the girls and see if they want to meet for drinks and swimming. Liz is the best hostess with a pool. Then we can call the boys to bring dinner and we could hang out all night. Reese and Carrie won’t mind changing dinner plans to pool plans. That’s just the kinds of friends I have. Flexible. We have to be to live in this heat like we do. I send Carrie a text.

I grab a t-shirt and some underwear. I can’t bring myself to lay around naked without Ryan being involved. I make sure the fans are on their highest speed and head into the kitchen. Ice water. Lots of ice water. On my way back into the bedroom, I grab a well-worn book off the shelf and then lie on the bed. It is nice. I start reading. This is one of my favorite romance books.

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