Off-topic: Improved Tacos

My son doesn’t usually eat very well when the meal isn’t either 1. his idea or 2. his recipe. Bear in mind, he’s 12. ((If you ever want background on the insanity that is my son, search the tag #webeaux on Instagram or Facebook.))

So I tell him we’re having tacos for dinner. He says, “Well, can you make them like Aunt Mandy?” I shrug, “Sure. How does she make them?” He calls my sister. (He never calls anyone. He’s like a 70-year-old man in a young body.)

After a few questions, he hangs up and says, “Make regular taco meat, and then add black beans and green chiles.”  (regular taco meat: ground beef browned and drained, then a packet of old el paso original season)

I’m confused, but also curious. So on the way home, we stop by the grocery store to buy the two additional ingredients.

PEOPLE! It’s amazing. Freaking amazing! Just 2 extra ingredients: a drained can of black beans, and a small can of diced green chiles. I make sure to cook the meat on a low simmer until I think the beans are warmed through.

I have never seen either of my children inhale tacos like they do this recipe.

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