Here’s the problem — I start working on a book and then LIFE. So I spend months not working. I keep promoting what I have published, but I’m human. I get wrapped up in spending time with my kids and helping them achieve their goals. I work full time and manage to be everything to everyone when they need me.

Sometimes, I come home, and if we have nothing planned, I crash in the recliner. I do. I confess. Thinking about an upcoming writing workshop in Nashville (t-minus 7 days), and I’m pitching two different agents. Everyone says not to pitch what you have self-published, but what you are currently working on. I have three different works in various stages of process.

Panicking a little bit. So I came up with a plan. When I’m actively writing on my lunch hours at work, I can do 2500 words as easily as I’m breathing. And when I’m writing, I’m in it — 200% in it. But when I get wrapped up in life, I’m not in it. I go back and read and I hate it. It’s boring. Total junk. No one wants this. (Self-doubt grows when you take breaks from working.)

The Solution: Write an entire book in a single weekend.

This is either completely insane, or completely genius. I don’t think there’s middle ground here. The plan is to hold up in my home office, write, write, write. I’m aiming for around 30k words per day. 8 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. (I mean sleep is necessary body fuel.) Also, I plan on food breaks and to see my kids/husband for an hour around each meal.

This means my hourly word count goal is 2500 words. Will I succeed? Will I die behind the monitor? Perhaps the cats and kids will come hunt for me in betwixt their Pokemon goals.

At any rate, I’m shutting up the self-doubt by doing two things I’ve never done: Plotting (yes, this pantser is trying it), and writing nearly 60k words in 48 hours.


Stay tuned… #authorinsanity

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